I’m moving to the Bay Area (Cupertino specifically) next week! I apologize for the radio silence – I’ve had about a month to get all my affairs in order and wrap up some pretty big commitments, so I wanted to wait until I had things nearly done and a place to live before I made any sort of public announcement.

Anyway, I’ll be going up there to join some good friends at a brand new secret startup working on mobile tech. It’s been a good run working on games full time over the past few years. I’ve met a lot of amazingly talented people, learned a ton about how games are made, and also picked up some useful skills and knowledge that are coming in pretty handy.

If you’re someone who enjoys the games I’ve released, don’t fear – I’ll still be supporting my work, and Goodhustle Studios will continue to exist. It won’t be my full time job though, and instead games will shift back to becoming more of a hobby for myself. If you actually read this blog, thanks for keeping tabs on me – and make sure to say hi if you’re up in the SF area too!