Introducing Ellie!


Taking my first email / computer break since our beautiful baby girl Ellie was born! They say it’s a whirlwind at first, but I didn’t really understand until I was under a two-to-three hour feeding cycle. It kind of reminds me of that part of Lost where they have to push the button every so often or else nobody knows what will happen. My whole schedule has revolved around being available.

Since I’m in a mood for analogies, the first few days are truly about getting The Setup correct. Back when I was playing team Halo a lot with my friend Kazu, the initial goal is always to get all of your players into position so that you can support each other. Once you had everyone in place and in control of their surroundings, and communicating well, you’d dominate – and that’s what’s called The Setup. With parents, grandparents, and other helpers around, having a newborn requires that you get your system working so that you can make everything happen smoothly and never run out of stuff.

Thankfully, she’s been a great kid to have around, and super cute to play with when she’s awake! World, meet Ellie!

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