Jim Cramer’s Folly

Man, it sure seems like Jon Stewart pulled Jim Cramer apart. It’s sad that Comedy Central is the only place I feel like I could have seen an interview this awkward and effective at informing the public. I’m concerned about the surprise to which Cramer professed about being lied to by CEO’s, though. Why would he be surprised about getting lied to, when he talked about manipulating prices through effective tomfoolery himself?

Seems like when you’re an insider with access, it’s okay to lie to people as long as they’re outsiders, but how can you expect such shifty people to tell the truth to each other?

One thought on “Jim Cramer’s Folly

  1. The interview was informative in so many ways. I wonder if Cramer was surprised or not, thinking back. The interview demonstrated that we lack any real, continuous investigative journalism in this area.

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