Coding and stupid ideas

This is going to be the first in a series of woolgathering posts that i’ll make with my random observations about programming. I don’t expect to be really serious in them, but I’d like to get some stupid ideas out in the open, and see if any catch.

Stupid ideas are actually pretty good to aim for, especially if you follow a less structured opinion of creativity. Ideas are things that appear unformed and unstressed by the rigor of actual work, and many programmers fall into the trap of belief that ideas are somehow an end unto themselves.

Any good idea i’ve had has only truly become good after going through the process of turning it into a reality. The constraints of the real world invariably force a programmer to embrace their own fluency in programming expressiveness, as well as the realities of operating systems and system architecture.

Typically, those ideas that survive the realities of implementation tend to be those that seem stupid at first glance. Growth tends to challenge a status quo; to propose ideas that challenge a system guarantees that objections will be raised both internally in one’s mental dialogue, and externally.

If you’ve ever woken from a dream and rushed to pen and quill to write down some grand master plan, novel plotline, or software design, you’ve had one of the stupid ideas that i’m talking about. Chances are, you look at them the next morning wondering what the hell you were thinking. However, it might be worth it to take one of them and see how far you can get – that’s the type of craft that I think makes for the genesis of really crazy good stuff. If the idiotic idea survives the process of making it happen, you might have something great on your hands.

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