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If you’ve wondered what happened to my blogging schedule, or why I haven’t been replying to emails quickly for the past few months, I can finally point to the reason why.

The little events side project that could, Upcoming.org, is now officially Upcoming 2.0, available for your perusal at upcoming.yahoo.com. It was a massive effort to get to this point, but the fruits of our labor are awesome. If you’re interested in the details of what’s new in Upcoming 2.0, please see our official blog post.

The team you see here is really what made this release memorable for me. Vince (the “hacking PM”) has been a really resourceful and flexible, and was instrumental in keeping us more or less on schedule. Neil’s been knee-deep in the new geographical model for months now, and his work is a really, really fantastic and addictive improvement. Shawn’s been a godsend, helping us with some of the less glamorous (but very important) aspects of managing a site growing so quickly. Kelsey’s only been around for a bit over a week, but you can notice her tremendous impact in the FAQ and tone of the site now. Leonard (not pictured) even took some time off from his busy Hack schedule and pitched in near the end, implementing some really snazzy designs and UI polish where they were sorely needed.

And of course, it wouldn’t really be Upcoming without Andy Baio. I don’t think there’s another person out there who could have made this turn out the way it did, and I think it’s a good testament to his influence that the feedback so far today has been so positive.

So although it’s a good time to take a little breather and reflect on what we’ve accomplished, we’re definitely thinking about next steps already, and there are some great things in store. For now, enjoy the new site, and thanks for your support!

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