Freetag is up for Adoption! (Also, a new bugfix release)

After a few years of maintaining Freetag, I’m moving on. It’s been a fun and educational experience, and i’m really happy to have been a part of so many interesting web projects. From what i’ve heard, many web projects have taken Freetag as a starting point for some very cool stuff. Keeping Freetag generalized enough for this purpose was always my goal, and i’m pretty happy with where it went, and the support from the developer community that it’s gotten. I would rather see someone with some more time on their hands take Freetag to the next level. There are some really interesting directions that I never got around to, and it would be cool to see that happen by me stepping out of the way.

Thus, i’m putting the project up on Google Code, and asking for a new maintainer (or maintainers!) to step up and take care of Freetag from here on out. If you’re interested, please use my contact form to send me an email, and explain why you’re interested & qualified to do so, and also where you’d like to see Freetag go.

I know this may come as a disappointment to some, so I’ve spent this morning rolling up some bugs for a quick release to make up for it. You can find it as a Featured Download on the Google Code Freetag Homepage. I’ll still lurk on the Yahoo! Freetag group, and try to keep an eye on the project, but this is probably the last release you’ll see from me, unfortunately. Also, the JIRA tracker will go down soon, after I import the remaining bugs from it into the GCode project tracker. Update The JIRA tracker is now down. Please head to the Issues page on GCode for the old remaining issues.

I may still try and compile a list of web projects that are using Freetag, as i’ve meant to do that for a really, really long time. Lastly, I just want to say thanks for making Freetag a really interesting open source project to cut my teeth on. It was my first OS project, and will likely not be my last. I learned that you should always be kind to your maintainer(s), as things are a lot harder than they look. The good news behind this change is that it should free me up some mental energy for new projects, so keep an eye on my blog for the next few things I decide to work on.

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