The Scenic Route: to Yahoo!

First off, my powerbook has come back! After less than $350 in repairs (yes, i was an idiot and did not get the additional AppleCare), it’s back in my hands and working well. Apparently, some logic board repairs/replacements can be done without costing a grand.

Anyway, on to the main event: I was finally able to get my photos from my drive up online! I was able to use an iPhoto plugin for Flickr to upload a handpicked photoset, and carefully annotate and describe each photo, all in a nice interface with a minimum of fuss.

In any case, I hope that you swing by the new photoset, entitled with the same name as this post. It was a beautiful drive up north, and I absolutely did take my time. It made my relationship with my 911 even stronger, as driving up Big Sur in a sports car is pretty thrilling. I didn’t really push the envelope, but going around those turns, I really felt connected to the road through the wheel, tires, and the throttle (Real men don’t use brakes). I just don’t think I could have had the same driving experience in a modern BMW, Audi, or Porsche.

By the way, I was kidding about the brakes thing. I think I got it from the F-Zero manual way back when.

In any case, it was one hell of a way to move.

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