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Today marks the day that Yahoo! has officially acquired Here’s the official announcement, which covers the basics:

The acquisition of builds upon Yahoo! Local’s mission to create the most precise, relevant and comprehensive local search experience available online. Events are a critical component of local content applications and through this acquisition, Yahoo! Local will look to further enhance its exiting events platform with community driven information.
As the first of its kind, has established itself a leading event site that harnesses the power of user generated content and social media to capture localized event information and dramatically improve the relevance of local search results.

Tackling the tricky problems behind events is a worthy challenge. Many sites make an attempt to be a calendar on the Internet, but what both Upcoming and Y! have recognized is that it takes more than being a comprehensive data source to get relevant, interesting event information to yourself and your friends. Andy Baio, Leonard Lin, and myself have been making progress lately in doing interesting, cool stuff with events, and we’re happy to become valued members of the Y! Local team, trusted to turn our part-time ideas and blue sky into a tangible, fully-featured events offering.

The opportunity to join forces with Y! ultimately bespeaks all of our sincere interest in making a useful, interesting events substrate on which a flourishing, social community can naturally grow.

Alas, from a personal point of view, I’m simply exhausted! So I apologize in advance if this post got a little too full of jargon. Hey, it’s not every day when your two top secret announcements (Ning & in the works come to light within the same 24 hour period.  For more details, check out tomorrow for the full story.

UPDATE: For now, if you’re craving more info, you can look into the Y! Search Blog, or look at Andy and Leonard’s announcements via the links above.

UPDATE: Here’s the official news post with a short Q&A on

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  6. Yes!

    Kudos to Paul, Andy, Gordon, Leonard and the rest who made this deal happen – has been a great additional tool for us to help our clients reach localized online “event-goers” and groupings!

    Much Respect,

    David Flint Founder, Since 1998, Your Venue for Business Technology Events, News and Networking

  7. You guys feel like family, even to a former journalist, newbie blogger for my town, sausalitobythebay. I’ll continue to recommend you when I speak to audiences about the power of connecting in-person and online as you help happen. In a grab and go world, your work fosters ad give and take attitude and opportunity to craft mutually-benenfical relationships. I admire your grit and humility.

    another fan Kare

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