The Freetag JIRA Tracker

Sorry for the delay in any news about Freetag… there are many good, good, reasons for it, but I know that doesn’t matter to those who are waiting on a bugfix or enhancement!

Anyway, keeping track of these things by email became too difficult, so I applied for and received a free Open Source License for Atlassian JIRA to use with Freetag! If you’ve never used it before, it’s pretty badass. I’ve filed all the past bugs, enhancements, and suggestions I dug out of my email into it for future reference. If you use Freetag, feel free to have a look so you’ll be able to tell where i’m taking the project in the short term. Also, feel free to sign up for an account to file new enhancement requests or (gasp) bugs!

The Freetag JIRA Tracker Update – replaced with Google Code Issues.

With that said, I’d like to also give Atlassian JIRA a quick acknowledgement for supporting Open Source with their licensing program for us volunteer devs!

Atlassian supports our efforts by contributing their bug tracking and issue tracking application, JIRA, to our project.

Atlassian is an innovative Australian software company providing enterprise software solutions to the world’s leading organisations. Atlassian’s leading software product, JIRA is a bug tracking and issue tracking application developed to track and manage the issues and bugs that emerge during a project. JIRA customers include departments from NASA, Boeing, Cisco, JP Morgan, 3M, BP, Sony and more. Try it for yourself today.

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