Pixelblocks are these neat little lego-like transparent blocks that can connect to one another horizontally and vertically. They were linked by boingboing recently, and I got interested in them, along with a couple of other friends.

I bought the 1400 pc. set from puffins.com, and set about looking for interesting sprite art to replicate in pixelblock format. I started by creating some of my favorite NES/SNES characters based upon sprites I found on the net. In case you’re looking as well, they should be available in my del.icio.us bookmarks tagged as pixelblocks.

Playing with Pixelblocks is quite medatative, and I enjoy the finished results very much.

I’ve started a flickr group to show off finished pixelblocks projects, which is publicly accessible here. I’ve also started tagging my stuff as pixelblocks for easy finding.

One problem that i’ve had with Pixelblocks is their availability. I ran out of certain colors very soon, so what i’m doing is putting together bulk orders for myself and a couple of other friends for particular colors. If anyone else in SoCal – LA region is interested, please contact me by email (or just use the contact form above) for more details.

If you’re planning on creating any NES sprites, I would recommend high levels of the primary colors, as well as a lot of black. Many sprites had outlines of pure (non-transparent) black that you’ll need.

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