Andy Baio of fame pulled a massive coup yesterday when he linked to my lunchtime decision assistant application, He’d been bugging me for months to change the Spot Directory from global to simply all spots added and saved by local party members.

When he linked to it, and showed me that new spots to eat were getting added at an alarming rate, I paniced. He argued successfully that with tons of new spots being added, the original spot directory didn’t scale. I agreed, and ended up implementing that change, along with a few others, right away.

First off, the Spot Directory is only within your party by default, but if you click on tags, you can browse globally.

Secondly, the ordering on the tags on the frontpage was wonky, and i’ll be extending Freetag to handle arbitrary ordering, so I don’t have to make local library code changes to tweak sorting.

Third, you can now see the silly “Names” of people next to their email addresses in the party management view.

But for now, since so many people are starting to use it, there’s an open call for comments on this post. I’ll have to put together a more comprehensive eatlunch blog, but for now, just use the category to view everything.

2 thoughts on “ Improvements

  1. Awesome site…we had discussed doing something like this a while ago…Anyway here are some suggestions:

    • We eat with the same group everyday. Is there a way to create a part automattically everyday and send out reminder emails to the group?

      • I would like to see one rss feed that tracks changes over the group not for each party…


  2. Thanks, Eric!

    As far as the parties go, the parties don’t self-delete each day, or anything. So each day you log in, everyone should always be in the party together. It’s what we do here at work.

    A reminder email is sent to each user in the party at the first vote of the day, controlled by the option under preferences. The RSS works on a party level. It always has the voting status at the top of the feed in the first entry, and also shows comments in reverse chronological order, so new comments appear on top. It’s not that great, but is slated for improvement. I’m not sure what you mean about tracking changes over the group – can you elaborate?

    • Gordon

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