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My coworker Phil always makes fun of me because I have the MechWarrior 2 soundtrack in my iTunes share. It’s the first game soundtrack that I ever could toss in a CD player and take around with me, and is also one of my first encounters with ambient music. Since MW2 is pretty much abandonware, and the soundtrack itself isn’t available anywhere, I’m thinking about putting it on my site as properly-tagged mp3s so that other fans of the series can reminisce. Unfortunately, CDDB has a completely bunk set of track names (i.e. Mechwarrior Soundtrack 1, 2, etc.), and it would be nice to get a little text context into each piece of music. I don’t have time to do this all by myself, but if anyone wants to help, it would be a fun way to promote one of my favorite game soundtracks ever.

Here’s some proof that i’m not the only person who loves this soundtrack:

The game’s soundtrack was amazing as well. Not only did it fit the theme of the game, but many of the redbook audio tracks were good enough to listen to on their own in an audio CD player.
The Mechwarrior II seriers from Activision gets my vote for best video game sound track ever. (Although WoW is pretty dang good) These techno/tribal tunes really helped to set a mood better than any game prior to it, IHMO. And I believe it still holds true today. Actually, I have the sound tracks on my IPOD and listen to them quite regularly. True, they lost something in the 2nd and 3rd installments of the game, but still top notch. ~T.D.~
If any feature of Mechwarrior 2 could measure up to the computer voice, it would have to be the music. The music on the game CD was so good that I would usually leave it in the drive and play it through the speakers as I was working — in fact, I am listening to the music right now. It’s still good, after all these years (tracks 03, 09 and 14 in particular… ah, heck, they’re all good). The missions were worth playing just to hear the next music track, which usually matched the feel of the mission (quiet sneaky staccato music for stealth missions, grand vocals and crescendos for all-out assults). Once again, my opinion may be biased — because I have always been a fan of electronic music — but others have said the same things, so I know I’m not completely nuts.

Also, if you have reason to believe that MW2 is not abandonware, please contact me so that I don’t make any mistakes. 🙂

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  1. I remember back when I was a kid being enchanted by the BattleTech and Mechwarrior 2 universe… playing this so much with one of my best friends, and I had also remembered that the MW2 soundtrack had been nothing short of epic. It was a little geeky but still awesome being able to go around middle school hallways talking about ilkhan and galaxy commanders and 100-tonners and all that.

    But since our tastes and preferences often develop and evolve over the years I couldn’t help but wonder if my opinions at the time had just been because I was younger and less mature.

    But thanks for your links (especially Ryan Sawhill) I can now see that the soundtrack really is as epic as I (we) originally thought. Glad I found this site and mini-community. Rock on!

  2. Thought I might help keep this commentary going further into 2008!

    I’m a big fan of MechWarrior 2 DOS, and really wish I’d never traded it away so many years ago. I picked up the Win 95 version, but it’s just not as good as the DOS ones (IMHO that is ^_^) Thanks to everyone who has posted links to the songs – it’s great to hear them again (for some reason, the Win 95 version I have is sans music).

    With any luck, maybe this will be the year that MW2 DOS (all three of ’em) will finally pass into official abandonware status, and be available for download.

  3. I can’t believe my luck! Someone mentioned somewhere how he loved the MW2 music and I started to remember all those great tunes. My original CD went the way of the dodo years back I suspect (although I still have the not quite as brilliant MW2 Merc one). Thanks for still hosting them, Ryan, you totally made my day.

  4. It’s been mentioned a few times in this thread, but I really haven’t seen any answers…but does anyone have the music that plays in the Clan Halls, when you’re reading about the histories of the clans? That was some of the best ambient music I’ve ever heard.

    Someone’s got to have this, somewhere out there…

  5. how come none of the tracks name is called silent thunder??? I have that track and remember it playing in Mech 2 and loved walking around in a mech in it but for some reason it does not seem to be on the list unless it is named differently. Also if you go to jeehuns homepage there is this track under Ambient/electro called mission X which i am sure was on the game as well. however it does not seem to be named on the sound tracks

  6. Earlier back I have mentioned the Search for MW2 GBL soundtrack. I am going though everything I own. I knwo I have it. Rest asure I will have it out for everyone to download and copy… Just seed it!

  7. Another random internet wanderer enjoying the music from a game he played too much as a child! To the host at, thank you!

  8. I love the Mechwarrior soundtrack. I listen to all of them every day at work to drown out my co-workers.

    Love the thrashy guitars of MW:Mercs most.

  9. Loved the Soundtracks of MW2. Thought I was the only one too. It was the best. I am looking for the track that plays when you install MW4:Mercenaries when it is copying files and telling you the history of mercs.

  10. Actually, it’s not track 21 that I’m talking about…it’s the ones located in the history area, where you can read about the Clans. There’s a different one for Jade Falcon and Wolf, neither of which seem to be located anywhere. They aren’t on any of the CDs that I’ve found.

    Argh! 🙂

  11. The tracks to which Bayou Bullet are referring to are the ones that play when you access the “Archive Holoprojector” in the Clan Hall for either clan in the game. There are also other similar tracks that play when you enter the “Ready Room” and “Cadet Training” from the Clan Hall. I would assume that they’re old MIDI tracks judging from the fact that you cannot play them as you can the other tracks. However, I looked on my MW2 CD (Win95 version) and could not find them. My best guess is that they’re somehow embedded in the game data – I hope this is not the case because I would also be interested in finding them. Hopefully this post will aid somebody who might have better luck finding these tracks than I.

  12. Ryan – can’t thank you enough.

    After buying the wrong version from Amazon and not getting squat through torrent, I hunted down this blog and finally have the soundtrack again after all these years.

    I’m transferring it to my Zune now, and it will proudly blast whenever I’m playing anything deserving enough on my 360.

    One of the best soundtracks ever made – I never thought I’d hear it again.

  13. Ryan – thanks so much for hosting all these files.

    I couldn’t begin to guess how many dozens of times I played through MW2 and GBL as a kid. Though it’s been years since I’ve had a machine old enough to run either one, I still have both CDs in pristine condition with all my other games. The MW2 songs have been loaded into my iTunes for years, and have racked up quite a listencount. I never had Mercenaries, and I didn’t know that there were extra GBL tracks, but now I have both sets. Thanks so much!

    Now, if we could just figure out the names of 25 and 27 on the MW2 disc… Seems like nobody on the internet can figure them out. (27 being the 0:05 one, and 25 being the second-to-last normal-length track.)

  14. Also- does anyone have the actual track names for the GBL tracks? There are the new tracks from the original GBL version (1-9, as well as 21) and then the “new new” tracks from the Battlepack edition (11-13, 15, 16). The wikipedia article lists the mission names from GBL, but I wasn’t sure how everything lined up. I also seem to remember that track 21 (the “Kodiak, Jag Base, Kodiak!” cinematic) is called ‘Smoke Jag Scum’…

  15. Got some info according to my recent rip of my old GBL, MW2 cds. Media Player gives me this much:

    Ghost Bear’s Legacy track names: 11 – Search and Destroy 12 – Ghost Bear 12 13 – OmniFun 14 – Jungle Jive 15 – Under the Sun 16 – Heated Blast.

    The last three I have no info on. I don’t know the name of the cinematic sequence audio, but it is number 21 on my list. Not sure if media player decided to number them according to the first audio track or the first track on the cd(aka the data track).

    But thanks for hosting the files, Ryan. It made me remember where my cds were! I’ve got the original GBL music, but I’m not sure how it will have fared, due to wear and tear. I’m listening to them now. You got a place I can send the info to? I can’t host anywhere to offer for download, but I can send them to an e-mail or something.

    Track 21 was not Smoke Jag Scum.

    Track 25 on the original Mech 2 cd is named Redemption. It would be track 26, if the data track is included as track 1.

  16. You can find the music that you hear while waiting to launch a Cadet Mission for the Jade Falcons and the Wolves (in MIDI form) off this site, but it’ll take some digging:

    First, make sure your speakers are turned down, because there’s some insanely loud music on the main page. Go to their Download’s section, then scroll all the way to the bottom to “Monty’s Music Downloads.” Scroll down again to the last section on that page, the “Midis” section, and you’ll find the music entitled “mw2grim” and “mw2setup.” I have been looking all over the place for the Clan Jade Falcon Archive music, but have had no success. Perhaps someone else has had better luck?

  17. For those serious about still playing Mechwarrior 2 on todays computers, it is still a possibility. MW2 will only play native in Win98. The solution is to take your existing PC with whatever it has in it and make a virtual window on your desktop that runs Win98. I first saw this in 2005 when my buddy who owns a PC shop had to build a screaming system for an engineer working for the state of WA. They use alot of legacy software that will not run in Win2K/XP and their PCs are dinosaurs. My buddy came up with running a virtual window on the desktop. A conventional highend PC in 2005 running Win98 on the desktop only burns about 5-10% resources even with software running actively on it. I would imagine a 2008 PC would burn considerably less. Since Win98 is only running in a virtual window, the 16 bit processor requirement is negated. That is why MW2 will not run on todays PCs if you were curious. I suppose if there were enough requests for it, Activision could be coaxed into updating MW2 to play on todays 32/64 bit processor systems. Good luck and game on!

  18. Fantastic! Thank you guys. Listening to those tracks puts me through the long forgotten experience of the MechWarrior 2 series. Cool game, terrific soundtrack!

  19. Hey back again! Sorry I didn’t get the site set up like I’d said (what over two years ago? lol I suck). I’m working on a soundtrack for a video game now. Not a “mech” game, but there will be “mechs” in it 🙂

    The music isn’t directly inspired by MW2 but I always keep it in mind. It’s almost sad that after 10 years it’s still some of the most inspirational to me. But there’s other music like Front Line Assembly that is awesome too.

    Here’s a sample of the soundtrack I’m writing for the curious: (collab with Advent of P:I)

    Here’s a remix I worked on too:

    Here’s a direct link to the sounds Neo Pryde mentioned: And other samples from MW2 on that site:

    A better way to contact me these days (for whatever reason, nostalgia, or who knows, maybe you need a soundtrack, or a remix) it’s best to reach me at my address which is “xybreus” gtalk also available.

    I’ll be back in 6 months to a year if the site is still here! Haha.

  20. WOW!! This is awesome, thank you SO much for uploading the soundtrack for MWII. I remember it was the first video game I played (I was 7 years old) and I’d leave the game running so I could hear the music over and over again. I still have the disc sitting around someplace, I was sad when I found out I couldn’t play it on XP, but I guess someone figured out how to!! lol Same with the music, I could never get it to burn onto my iPod.

    This is so cool that MechWarrior still has a following after all these years. Once again, thanks a million.:)

  21. Damn there are lots of people that are hooked to this music… I’ve been listening to it for years. Another game soundtrack I like is Wipeout, both soundtracks fit their game very well.

    I’ve been playing Mech3 with the Mech2 music and have enjoyed it… only problem for me is mech3 keeps crashing at random in campaign missions. I’m running XP x64 patched to

    I think Mech2 was better but I do appreciate the bit more modern graphics in Mech3. Either way these games are loads of fun and the creators of the Mech2 music should be honored to have such a loyal following of fans to their compositions.

  22. Hey! If you want to play MW2 on a computer today, simply download DOSBox and read through their forums. A lot of people have downloaded DOSBox just to play MW2. I know I did. It works very well! The only problem is that music doesn’t run unless if you tweak a few things. But that shouldn’t be a problem for any of us, should it? 🙂

  23. I believe I know good music. The game MW2 is good but not as good as mercenaries. But believe me when I say that the soundtrack is the best computer game soundtrack of its time. Some came close but few had full orcestral sountrack to compliment gameplay. Best music of any game ever

  24. Re MW2 vs Merc: They’re completely different, in my opinion. I don’t really compare them. Merc is much harder. I love ’em both. I definitely agree with the rest. 🙂

    @Doctor: Good call on DOSbox! I’ve used it to play some older games (Scorched Earth, anyone?), but never even thought about using it for MW2. Gonna have to try that out.

  25. ZOMG… err.


    Mplayer days, MNL, Shadow Clan, Memories!! I enveloped myself with Mech2, Battletech novels, and even USED THIS MW2 GAME TO HELP FALL ASLEEP AT NIGHT!!!!!!!!! Cranked the bass with low dB I would be dreaming about DFA’n GKING and Novakain in a 7kill FFA timbys C1 hot tinica…… in no time. I need the highest quality OST mw2 pent ed. because i can only locate my empty CD-ROM case and my .mek floppy.

    I would also get a kick outta seeing if anyone is still around. I have created a gmail box wfrp.hold.mpig.forgot1 at gmail dot com

    dont be a freebirth drop a salute in there. q=)â„¢

    just incase my salute is broke

    SC-.venom 1st Binary Nova Comm

    p.s. i have mediocre wave files of the follwing avaliable heat lvl critical shutdown seq int sd seq overridden image enh engadged

    The ‘q’ hatâ„¢ is a registered trademark of SC-.venom. All rights reserved.

  26. Happy New Year to all and let you enjoy Mechwarrior music forever :-). Nothing is forgotten, nothing is ever forgotten.

    And one more wish – I wish so as Jeehun Hwang return to game music world and compose something new and great for us as in the past.

  27. Hey, yet another one of those guys who loved the MW2 soundtrack, Ghost Bear’s Legacy, Mercenaries etc. I’m starting to get interested in what was on the Macintosh and Playstation soundtracks — and did anyone have a Titanium Trilogy Ghost Bear where more than tracks 5, 11, 12, 13 and 15 had been switched? Thanks!

  28. I’ve stopped by and visited this thread over two years now. Amazing that it is still running – thanks Ryan.

    Back in ’95 when I was a high school kid I knew then what I still know now: This is awesome music. I loved the fact that the disk would play in any CD player. I played the game and the music for years. Then like many of you, I forgot about it, and then years later recalled the need for MW2. I think the music tracks have aged well! Look at how many of us there are!

    An earlier post mentioned the “epic” feel you get. I totally agree.

  29. So it seems I’m definitely not the only one that enjoys this music. Everyday at work I’ll listen to it (along with other music of course). Brings back memories of running this game on an old Packard Bell 60Mhz. I would be over-joyed if they remade this game with better graphics and physics. Just keep the music the same!

  30. AlienEye, check out the Crysis mod MechWarrior Living Legends. It looks FANTASTIC, it’s free, and it’s being worked on by a team of truly dedicated and talented individuals. So be overjoyed. =)

  31. DoctorKazef: And do you know what music do they use for that Mechwarrior mod? Is it at least inspired by Mech2 music from Jeehun Hwang?

  32. to use that link you have to type it in and include the ‘2Soundtrack’ part. I dont know why that didnt work

  33. forget it here is the list:

    Tracks on the MechWarrior 2 Game Disc Track Mission Name Length 1 (Data Track) N/A 2 Umber Wall 2:17 3 Silent Thunder / Rust Heart 2:23 4 Bone Machine 1:55 5 Plum Wine 1:43 6 Rogue Chariot / Bronze Anvil 2:21 7 Golden Spade 1:49 8 Bouk Obelisk 2:14 9 Arkham Bridge 1:45 10 Iron Piston / Wolf Trial 2 2:16 11 Armor Veil 2:27 12 Pyre Light 2:15 13 Sable Flame 2:15 14 Mirror Cage 2:27 15 Burning Chrome 2:19 16 Temper Edge / Wolf Trial 4 2:06 17 Jade Falcon Trial 3:10 18 Velvet Hammer 2:01 19 Aquiline Fire 2:40 20 Flame Tongue 2:20 21 Silver Staff 2:09 22 Title Theme 2:07 23 Blade Splint / Cold Crescent / Wolf Trial 3 1:58 24 Wolf Trial 1 3:03 25 Redemption 2:09 26 Scorching Sand 1:59 27 Splash 2:05

    Tracks on the MechWarrior 2: Ghost Bear’s Legacy Expansion Game Disc Track Mission Name Length MW2 Mission Name 1 (Data Track) N/A N/A 2 Moritz, Gnesta Valley (Strike) 2:07 N/A 3 Garstedt, Space (Defend) 4:20 N/A 4 Alshain, Polotmy Mountains (The Blooding) 3:44 N/A 5 Thun (Strike) 2:04 N/A 6 Moritz, New Coffton (Strike) 2:03 N/A 7 Wolcott (Strike) 2:25 N/A 8 Moritz, Orbit (Destroy Orbital Platform) 2:07 N/A 9 Mannedorf (Defend) 2:03 N/A 10 (Unknown) 2:10 N/A 11 Mannedorf (Patrol) 2:16 Iron Piston 12 Chandler (Defend) 2:21 Rogue Chariot / Bronze Anvil 13 Chandler (Strike) 2:17 Umber Wall 14 Garstedt, Cordivas Grotto (Trial of Possession) 2:15 Pyre Light 15 Alshain (Defend) 1:49 Golden Spade 16 Jeanette (Raid) 2:23 Silent Thunder / Rust Heart 17 Alshain, Polotmy Mountains (Trial) 1:43 Plum Wine 18 Alshain, Polotmy Mountains (Trial of Position) 2:14 Bouk Obelisk 19 Labrea, Circle of Equals (Trial of Grievance) 1:45 Arkham Bridge 20 (Unknown) 1:55 Bone Machine 21 Cinematic Opening 1:12 N/A

    Tracks on the MechWarrior 2: Mercenaries Game Disc Track Mission Name Length 1 (Data Track) N/A 2 Scalpel 2:05 3 Snake City 2:04 4 Dawn Watch 2:04 5 Final Strike 2:10 6 Phoenix Dawn 2:10 7 Homestead 2:10 8 Freedom Fight 2:01 9 Glittering Gold 2:04 10 Back Door 2:12 11 Exodus 2:04 12 Trojan Horse 2:04 13 Tick Tock 2:04 14 Crystal Storm 2:10 15 Night Wolf 2:08 16 Leg-Breaker 2:03 17 Dust River 2:03 18 Dragon’s Teeth 1:57 19 Berserker 2:06 20 Gotterdamerung 4:17 21 Starlight Hunt 1:25 22 Intro 1:40

  34. Thanks so much! I recently put Mech 2 on my XP system, runs great cept no music! If you can email it to me, that would be fine! cheers!

  35. The other day, I was scouring the internet for the names of these songs so I could update my iTunes. Since my Mech2 CD was at home and I’m living in a college dorm, I figured this would be easier to do than bugging my parents to go fish out an old disk and look them up.

    I was wrong. It seems NO ONE on the internet knows the real names of these songs. Luckily for me, I was able to find my old disk and look them up myself. And here they are.

    The REAL Mechwarrior 2 song names.

    The CD itself is called “Songs of the Warrior.” This is what the disk read when I played it with Windows Media Player on my old Compaq Presario, six or seven years ago.

    1. (Data Track)
    2. Escort
    3. Anomaly
    4. Left to Die
    5. The Thrill of the Hunt
    6. Routine Mission
    7. Kill or be Killed
    8. Against the Odds
    9. Race Against Time
    10. Ambushed
    11. Confrontation
    12. Recon
    13. The Art of War
    14. Happy Fun Battle
    15. A Walk in the Park
    16. No Surrender
    17. To The Death
    18. The New Challenger
    19. Track 19
    20. The Predator and the Prey
    21. Death is Imminent
    22. A Second Chance
    23. The Turn of the Tide
    24. Die With Honor
    25. Retaliation
    26. This Is It

    –Library 8

  36. **I also took the liberty of editing the Wikipedia page. Hopefully, this will correct some of the misconceptions.

    -Library 8

  37. Hi everyone

    If some of you are interested in more music from Hwang, I have the following:

    Battlezone (excellent, similar to MW2, but more quiet/ambient style) Dark Reign Scourge of Armagon (Quake mission pack 1) Dissolution of Eternity (Quake mission pack 2)

    I can upload them to somewhere, if there is interest.

  38. If anyone still reads this, here is the music. Sorry I couldn’t find my Dark Reign 1 cd, but the rest is here. All redbook audio rips.

    Composed by Hwang:

    Scourge of Armagon – Quake mission pack 1

    Dissolution of Eternity – Quake mission pack 2

    Most of the tracks on these two are rock/metal, very unlike Hwang, and not very good imo. There are a couple of good tracks though.


    Not by Hwang, but similar style:

    Dark Reign 2

    Battlezone 2 – excellent, some of the tracks (8, 9, 10) are very similar to Mechwarrior 2, they’ll get your blood pumping like the best tracks from the MW2 cd!

  39. Out of interest I decided to search wiki for the mw2 soundtrack to see if anyone had written an article on it because I still do lisen to this music today, found a link to this site posted in the bottom as a reference. Its good to see that so many other ppl appreciate this fine piece of music.

    I must say out of every game music score/soundtrack I have ever played/herd that Mechwarrior 2 still would have to be the absolute best. There are some others that are good, even great but MW2 comes out the best. In terms of music I would prob actually rate it as one of my favorite albums ever because of its content, so much emotion behind every track that can be applied to anything. If a battletech/mechwarrior movie was ever made I hope they would use this music or add to it for the music because it would fit it in so many ways. Make sure Gregory Alper & Jeehun Hwang do it aswell!

    If anyone is wondering how to get the mucic, If u can get hold of the game the audio tracks are all on the cd and u can put ur original game cd straight into a cd player or rip them with media player to ur comp.

    Imo Fasa should release this soundtrack to Itunes. It would prettymuch sell itself.

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