Kung Fu Hustle

I went to go see Kung Fu Hustle yesterday, and it turned out to be the best movie i’ve seen all year. Granted, I haven’t seen many movies at all this year, but this one was special. The comedic timing was perfect, as were the many nods to American cinema. It’s essentially a similar cast as Shaolin Soccer, so the kung fu on display is pretty breathtaking. Even so, if it were any more tongue in cheek, it would look like a squirrel.

If you enjoy kung fu or Hong Kong cinema at all, you owe it to yourself to go see Kung Fu Hustle. It reminds me of all the great H.K. kung fu comedies of the 90’s that I saw when I was restless from jet lag in Beijing, except this one shows that a big budget doesn’t spoil Stephen Chow at all. In fact, this is one case in which the special effects truly add tremendously to the absurdity factor and catapult it into the top place in my movies list.

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