Some fixer-uppers on

Today, my good fellow coworkers pointed out that I kinda stepped over the line that made more feature-ful, but not as simple and quick as before.

All along, my primary goal has been to get in the way of users as little as possible, while maintaining usefulness.

So I fixed the problems today and changed the spot directory to behave more like the normal party page. If you click on a spot, you vote for the spot. If you vote for a spot, it’s saved for you automatically. You only have to add tags if you really want to!

The hint system is fixed now, and voting for lunch should be just as simple and fast as before. The inline hints should help new users, and are easy to turn off when you get the hang of the site.

As a personal aside, I believe more in Usefulness than Usability, but it’s good to have both. I’ve found myself using a ton of tough-to-use but useful applications, because what they do are so cool, and once I figure out how to use them, i always end up going back to them again and again. Case in point: all of *nix, and most open source software.

It’s pretty interesting that there’s a ton of talk about usability, when there are plenty of usable but useless interfaces out there. First things first, right? So, anytime stuff on isn’t particularly useful, please let me know and i’ll definitely accept your feedback.

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