NuSOAP for PHP and .NET Client

Investigating the use of the NuSOAP library for implementing web services on top of PHP APIs. NuSOAP was originally written by the same guy who brought us Foxylicious, the firefox plugin for It allows for easy integration with an existing API to provide a SOAP service, and also allows for fairly simple SOAP client creation.

The NuSOAP project page and the developer’s page. Scott Nichols’ SOAP / NuSOAP page. He’s the active developer currently working on NuSOAP. A note about an RPC method format required for integration with .NET(?). An article about using a NuSOAP client to consume a .NET based web service. W. Jason Gilmore explains how to publish web services for .NET with NuSOAP A Dilbert a day with PHP and NuSOAP Pocket SOAP TCPTrace, a useful tool for SOAP/HTTP debugging. Various VS.NET consuming NuSOAP server references: * * * Short mention of .NET using Document-style SOAP while NuSOAP uses RPC-style SOAP. * Example VB code to call NuSOAP service. * Adding a WebReference to VS.NET to consume NuSOAP wsdl.

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